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  • Created By: Walter Schmidt
  • Posted On: Jul 03, 2020
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  • Category: Government & Politics
  • Description: "We the People" For many years, “We the People”, have been misled and misguided by the politicians we trusted to represent us in Washington and locally. Consequently, we have elected people to office that are not representing our constitutional rights and are working to take away our Bill of Rights and turn our Country into another socialist state. These politicians must be replaced by “We the People” now before they have abolished our beautiful experiment called FREEDOM. Challenging the "Status Quo" The "status quo" of the Mainstream Social Media turned merely into propaganda and is working counterproductive against the first amendment rights guaranteeing free respectful speech and this encroachment on our rights is not enriching the experience of their network to its membership. Complicit Social Media Platforms Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are restricting conservative expression by censoring, shadow-banning and elimination of the channels they determine are contrary to their opinions and policies, (virtually an arbitrary condition that can change at the whim of the conglomerates overlords). Now the Social Media Mega Players are claiming that our First Amendment rights of Conservative contributors are in violation of their policies.

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