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Pursuant to Executive Order #13603, titled "the National Defense Resources Preparedness "Act" has been implemented by the President. The Act places all water resources of any nature, in any jurisdiction, under the authority of the Secretary...
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  • Boyd Bringolf
    Boyd Bringolf   ·  September 8, 2021
    Interesting points of view! I read where Walmart had tunnels everywhere for sex trafficking, some were d.u.m.b.s
  • Jay stone
    Jay stone   ·  September 7, 2021
    That’s a bunch of crap!! They consider anyone with conservative views as insurgents.
  • Combined Operations Center
    Combined Operations Center   ·  September 7, 2021
    The purpose is to cut off water supplies to U.S. cities and towns which the JSOC has identified as "antigovernmental" or declared as "Insurgent Strongholds". The water will be shut off, all entries and exits from the town will be sealed off. When the...  more

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