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Why I appreciate Hornady Ammunition as my personal defense ammo... I’m sure you have seen the myriad of self defense ammo choices on the market today. I like Hornady 357 Magnum “Critical Defense” for personal defense, here’s why…Accurate, deadly, dependa...
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  • Rick Hoke
    Rick Hoke Not much ammo to be found theses days. When you can it cost twice as much as last year.
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  • Preppers & Survival Worldwide
    Preppers & Survival Worldwide Yep...I bought 5 boxes online a few months ago, a lucky find...$25! Today I found the same box for $40...I bought 2 boxes. Sucks but I'd rather have it then not at this point...357 and 38 special are so hard to find.
    Feb 21
  • Teddy Bare
    Teddy Bare I like the Hornady 44mag ...very nice ammo \u270C\uFE0F\uD83D\uDE0E