• Posted by: Paul Mash
  • Updated: July 17, 2020
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Site Issues?

I can't load any videos. I use the "Add Video" tab and go to the choice. This time I pick "Youtube" tab and put in the url and then won't let the post will not show me the "Share" tab. After I put a message at top it gave me a "Share" I hit it, it post but no video... If I try the "embed code" and most the time it doesn't recognize the embed code. I actually just get the system to recognize my first "embed code" But after the "Youtube" did not work to recignize the Youtube url !! Many issues with the videos you need to work on and make "friendly" user. No body as that much time to figure it out!
Thank you for you time and your great work on the site!!
Paul Mash