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It is Now or Never to Choose our Constitution over Communism

  • What millions of Americans have sacrificed their lives for has been negated while we stand by as our elections have been stolen, our press has become a propaganda arm of the Globalist overlords, all departments of our government are now under control of the New World Order working to take down our Constitutional Republic by allowing the breakdown of law and order, allowing open borders, locking down our citizens, training our children to become Marxist sympathizers, dividing our nation by promoting untrue racist theories, enacting social policies supporting the UN agenda 21-30 eugenics project to enslave the planet.

    A year from now there will be no mid-term elections, no Constitutional bill of rights, no Freedom, no national or individual sovereignty if we stand down and let these misguided Communist sympathizers take our freedoms away and force us to comply with their Fascist policies.

    Our disenfranchised American voting citizens know something is going terribly wrong but feel disempowered and frustrated about how to get involved with a peaceful movement to take back our Country. Today, I am reaching out to a select group of citizen leaders like yourself to get behind our project to take back America by attracting 100 million freedom loving supporters of our Constitution to join forces in declaring that we choose our Constitution over Communism.

    We have created the Patriot Network Multi-Media Platform to become the home for this movement located at

    A clear authentic presentation of the facts behind events is missing from today’s Mainstream Media as evidenced by the complete coverup of evidence surrounding the 2020 election coup taking our right to free open elections away forever if it is allowed to stand as is. The alternative press comprised of real investigative reporting is slowly uncovering the facts, but nothing will be reported to the majority of citizens reading their newspapers and watching their favorite news channels. The population remains grossly underinformed while factual news is demeaned as being conspiracy theories from right wing malcontents unhappy with our certified election results adjudicated by our unbiased justice system.

    All of these events are highlighted in a book written by Leonard Peikoff about “The Ominous Parallels” between the Socialist playbook utilized by Nazi Germany to enslave its population and the creeping socialism invading the United States that is now ramping up for a full-blown takedown of our Constitution and our Country.

    I’m asking you to take a seriously considered look at the facts about current events by joining our movement at today and find it in your heart that the future of America is not just what we have all done in the past but what we decide to do now to protect our beloved Country.

    Warm regards,

    William Hultquist, CEO

    Patriot Network

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