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All of the Giant's Heart locations in The Raiders of the Lost A

  • When cheap lost ark gold comes to collecting items in Ark: Survival Evolved, there are a plethora of options, but Giant's Hearts are arguably the most important for players to concentrate their efforts on finding in the first place. Giant's Hearts are one of the many different types of horizontal progression that can be found in Lost Ark, and they can be found in a variety of different locations. This means that concentrating on Giant's Hearts for a while may be in the best interests of those who are becoming dissatisfied with the game's pay-to-win aspects or all of their failed honing attempts. The effort is not in vain, as the rewards for obtaining these items are generally quite good, ranging from Skill Point Potions to a Totoiki Transformation in some instances.

    Even though they are collectibles, they are not as common as Mokoko Seeds or Masterpieces, and there are only 15 of them in the game, making it difficult to obtain even a single one of them without exerting considerable effort on the player's part. It is expected that players will locate all of the Giant's Hearts in Ark: Survival Evolved, so this guide should prove to be of assistance in this regard.

    Geographical Locations of the Giant's Heart

    Giant's Heart (First Giant's Heart): This item is awarded to players who have completed the Tortoyk Five Scattered Brothers questline.

    Beatrice Rapport to Friendly 1 in Trixion is the winner of the second Giant's Heart (a total of 47,700 Rapport Points), which she received for her efforts.

    This is the third Giant's Heart, and it is Sasha Rapport to Trusted (a total of 103,700 Rapport Points).

    RNG Drop from Lake Eternity Field Boss Tarsilla in Shushire, which was obtained through the use of a random number generator, yielded the 4th Giant's Heart.

    In order to obtain the fifth Giant's Heart, you must first exchange 3,300 Gienah's Coins for a Giant's Heart at Blackfang's Den, where you can then use the Giant's Heart to complete the quest.

    6th Giant's Heart: To obtain the 6th Giant's Heart, you must trade with a randomly spawning Merchant at Atlas for 33,000 Pirate Coins, which you can then use to purchase the item.

    The completion of Una's mission is the seventh Giant's Heart. It is necessary to take on Tooki once per day for a total of 30 times in order to complete the challenge.

    It is possible to obtain the 8th Giant's Heart by speaking with the Freedom Island Exchange NPC and exchanging 4,000 Gienah's Coin for it.

    Calvasus Rapport to Trusted at Hypnos Eyes (a total of 37,900 Rapport Points) in the Ninth Giant's Heart (the Ninth Giant's Heart).

    To complete Shadespire's 35th Floor, you must obtain the 10th Giant's Heart as a reward for reaching that level.

    Upon arriving on Azure Wind Island, you will be rewarded with the eleventh Giant's Heart for successfully completing Una's Task Ruffians In The Ground within 15 days.

    The 12th Giant's Heart is a quest reward for the Spirit With A Heart quest on Shadowmoon Market, which can only be accessed after completing some side quests and completing one of Una's Tasks for a total of five days. It can only be obtained by completing one of Una's Tasks for a total of five days.

    The Thirteenth Giant's Heart is a Fatespire reward for completing the Thirty Fifth Floor, which is the thirteenth floor in the game.

    Whispering Islet is the location of the 14th Giant's Heart: Nineveh Trusted Rapport Reward (a total of 102,200 Rapport Lost Ark Gold store ), which can be obtained by defeating the Giant of Nineveh.

    This Giant's Heart can only be obtained by completing the 15th Heart Roster Quest, which is given to players via the Reinvigorated Giant's Heart Quest Scroll after they have collected the other 14 Giant's Hearts. Completing the 15th Heart Roster Quest is required to obtain the 15th Giant's Heart.

    Sequences for collecting data that are recommended

    Even though these supposedly important Giant's Hearts are collected in a logical sequence, the most realistic order in which they should be collected does not always correspond to the number assigned to each heart in the game. Even three additional Skill Lost Ark Gold store can make a significant difference in all aspects of Lost Ark's content, lost ark gold from PvP to Abyssal Dungeons to Guardian Raids and everything in between. The order in which you acquire them is important, as well. As a result, accumulating at least four items is considered a significant achievement in itself. This in mind, here is the best order in which to obtain the various types of Giant's hearts, listed from first to last and beginning with the most important:

    This region contains a quest line called The Five Scattered Brothers, which should not be skipped because it is available immediately after completing Tortoyk's main story (fortunately, it is one of the shorter region quest lines). This quest line is available immediately after completing Tortoyk's main story.

    The Item Level requirement for reaching the 35th Floor on the 10th Giant's Heart is extremely low, with only 480 required to complete the task of reaching it.

    The reason for the 14th Giant's Heart is the same as the reason for the 10th Giant's Heart, which is a coincidence.

    The 5th Giant's Heart: There are a plethora of Island Quests that reward one-time Sea Coin chests, allowing you to quickly accumulate the 3,300 Gienah's Coins required to complete the questline.

    In the same way that the 5th Giant's Heart was given, the reason for the 8th Giant's Heart was given.

    Despite the fact that there are numerous one-time Pirate Coin Island Quest rewards, 33,000 is still a significant sum of money.

    Tarsilla, the 4th Giant's Heart, isn't a particularly difficult Field Boss to defeat; all it takes is a little bit of strategic thinking and time management to take him down.

    All of the Rapport-related Hearts, with the exception of Calvasus, have the lowest Rapport Point requirements, making it the most accessible.

    It is given to Beatrice because she only needs to reach Friendly 1 rather than Trusted, putting her in the position of having the second-lowest Rapport requirements, resulting in her receiving the second Giant's Heart.

    A straightforward quest on a straightforward island, the 11th Giant's Heart requires completion of Una's Task, which is assigned by the Ruffians In The Ground, within 15 days of starting it.

    It takes a little more effort to obtain the 12th Giant's Heart than the 11th, but once you do, the final result is about as straightforward as the 11th Heart.

    To obtain the 3rd Giant's Heart, it is necessary to invest an absurd amount of Rapport, but Sasha's Rapport Quests and Dialogue options allow you to invest a reasonable amount of Rapport.

    However, even though the quests and prerequisites for the 14th Giant Heart: Nineveh are more difficult, the difference in Rapport required to complete them is only about 1000 lost ark gold for sale .

    In the case of the 7th Giant's Heart, the name may be misleading because it is the one that players should begin working on the soonest because it requires a 30-day investment of time.

    Getting to the 15th Giant's Heart is straightforward. It requires the reward from completing the previous 14 Giant's Hearts in order to even be considered a viable completion option.

    This game was released on December 4th, 2019, and it is currently available for purchase on the Playstation 4.