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The most basic tool that everyone doing


    Clan Wars (Safe). The game allows two rival chats to RS gold engage in a battle against one another. There are no rewards to this sport... maybe besides glory.

    The Last Man Standing (Either Safe or dangerous based on the mode). The Castle Wars area players can converse with NPC Lisa which can sign them up for LMS. It's essentially an online battleground game that is implemented in RuneScape. Rules are pretty much the same as other battleground games - players are transported to the island where they look for a item and fight each other. Game ends when one remaining player remains on the island. There's a reward of 1.5mil to the player who is first and 500k for second in competitive mode.

    Castle Wars (Safe). Similar to Clan Wars it is a group contest. Castle Wars is simply a Capture The Flag mode implemented as a minigame within RuneScape. Two teams attempt to get to the the base of their opponent and remove an unprotected flag, which is then defended by the other players. As a reward winning team earns tickets to buy various cosmetics.


    Smithing is a skill found in RuneScape that lets players transform ores (like Adamantite ore, Gold ore, and more) into the ore into bars (like Mithil bars, Steel bar, Bronze bar) which can later be shaped into various objects (like weapons tools, armors, and weapons). Smithing may be one of the most lucrative skills in the game since it grant players ability to construct equipment from the simplest resources.

    It offers many ways of getting to the top level. Hitting 99 in this skill might come very easy with huge amounts of money loss or might be slower If you don't fund. There's also a recommended money making method which involves Smithing which is a blast Furnace. It's a very enjoyable game through which players can achieve significant rewards if they perform it properly. In regards to all of this, and more, you can study 199 of OSRS Smithing Guide below.

    The most basic tool that everyone doing smithing needs is the hammer. There are no other variations of this device and you don't need to have a an hammer for it to be used. You'll require buy OSRS GP a hammer to create different weapons or pieces of equipment using your bar.