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I would suggest using broads and emerald

  • Kepp which is great for healing. I'll probably have RuneScape Gold exbiltur, firestaff+nature runes Mithril grapple, Saradmoin arrow(saradomin item) as well as 1 inv space for loot or two, b2p tabs , and around 8 range pots, and other sharks. I'll fill my terrobird with monksfishs. Should i make any changes?

    This is pretty good, but you'll run out of inventory or time slots for the terrorbird before you get to this it appears, perhaps there are only monks in the inventory, but it appears that B2P are enough at 80 defense. But the terrorbird isn't going to hurt, I suppose, play around with it.

    It's a good investment killing a falador, especially if you have shield 4. In other words, make use of a terrorbird and make sure it initiates combat with the mole every day. What happens is the terrorbird will start to move in the direction of the mole, even in the event that it dug, offering you a fantastic idea which direction it is located.

    Additionally , the terrorbird lets you to run for an unlimited amount of time (with those scrolls) which is an enormous helm. If you're looking to range, use the general ran set up that includes Dragonhide as well as some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed in (Helm of Nietiznot for instance). I think ruby or diamond bolts (e) are best to use. When you're fighting whip/chaotic and the claws/ddp. If you're using a melee weapon, wear proselyte armour , to preserve prayer pots and use to practice piety.

    To melee, could guthans and a set of super sets work? I was just at it with an array set up (rune plate, granite shied, otherwise you hide) but it didn't come up more often, so I thought guthans, barrows ' gloves and some super sets could be very useful. I'd earn more money since i would never use diamonds or food as much?

    If you safe spot (using the tiny gap next to the obelisk, which means it doesn't hit you until after it burrows) there won't be much food, if at all. Guthan's probably wouldn't be very efficient.

    I would suggest using broads and emerald (e) setup. Start with the emerald (e) to poison, switch to broads to finish the. Each kill will be worth about 20k to 20k. I personally do two kills every run (using eagle eye and prot melee in some instances) then home port, recharge, pray at altar and use the fally portal bank and come back in Buy OSRS Gold time so that the next time spawn to occur.