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To use Fire Battlestaff (Red one): Fire Battlestaff

  • Spores needed for planting can be obtained from lobster houses, located in areas close to each other which means that RuneScape Gold finding them should not be an issue. But, those wanting murder them require either Brine Saber or Trident. The first can be acquired by Brine Rats (that do require 48 Slayer), and the other can be obtained through Kraken boss, which requires the 87th level of Slayer skills.

    Charter ship method. People who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and are over 77 Magic can cast Superglass Make spell. It lets adventurers craft without financial resources. To get trained like this make sure you purchase buckets filled with soda ash and sand at Trader Crewmember within Port Phasmatys or any other spot. Make Superglass Make spell to craft highest level glass items that you could make. Once your resources have been exhausted Be sure to hop the worlds in order to replenish your resources.

    Designing battlestaves. When you complete tasks from Varrock Diary can be quite profitable because each of the difficulties in it lets players buy more and larger battlestaves with NPC Zaff. After completing Elite Diary in Varrock, you could purchase up to 120 battlestaves in exchange for 7000 gold coins each. The only downside to this is that all require purchase simultaneously. The staves you'd like to create will be Air Battlestaff and Fire Battlestaff.

    To make the Air Battlestaff you'll need Staff of Air, Cosmic Runes, Unpowered Orbs, Amulets of Glory, Stamina and Energy potions. Find the 81 Cosmic Runes and 27 Unpowered Orbs from the bank before heading for Air Obelisk. Charge your orbs and move them to Edgeville by using an Amulet of Glory. Now you are able to combine the staves and charged orbs to make Air Battlestaff.

    To use Fire Battlestaff (Red one): Fire Battlestaff (Red version), you will need Staff of Fire and Anti-Dragon Shield. The required runes include Cosmic, Law, and Dust. Also, you will require Unpowered Orbs, Stamina Potions, and Antipoisons. On top of that, Rune Pouch might prove beneficial.

    Set up the Player Owned House (POH) to Taverley. Teleport to your house and travel south to the Dungeon. From there, you can go into Fire Obelisk and Teleport to Camelot to get Cheap OSRS Gold to the bank. You can then merge all your belongings into Battlestaves.