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It's a great question and which is interesting


    Take a trip to Karil first. Prayers for attack as well as strength prayers. Also, defend yourself from the range. Then, hit him with RuneScape Gold your special attacks. Get him to stop with your ice spell. Run out. Visit Ahrim. You should have about 30 prayer points. Switch to range gear, pray magic (and eagle eye if you have it). Get out as soon as he's dead.

    Continue towards Dharok next. At this point, you should have between 1 and 5 prayer points left. Pray melee for his first hit, then hit him once with an ice blitz, and step away. You should be able to get five more hits. He'll start moving by his fifth strike, which means you'll need to stay far away from him if you want to take five hits, or else, you can hit him four times before hiding behind his tomb. After a few seconds, move to a far corner from him, and then continue to hit him until that he arrives, and repeat. You can finish him by doing this.

    You can take on the other 3 brothers as that you did Dharok in whatever order you want. What to do for the tunnels: Depending on which brother you encounter in the tunnels set your prayers for quick and most appropriate protection. If you see him, don't worry (you'll be able to survive the first couple of hits) and then, quickly fill the prayer pot and then hit the quick prayers. Make sure you finish him.

    The area that consumes the majority portion of your meal is your tunnels, so be aware of the layout and get to the chest as quickly as possible. When you reach the final level, if don't have the speed to do it, take one step back from it, and hit the monster who is attacking you with an ice scream, and you'll only have 10/15 seconds to finish it.

    I've gotten 62 slayer in the moment, trying to achieve 85 slayers to Abyssal Demons. I can't get on right now, and I want their stats while I have this free time in school to plan a set of gear, etc. for Abyssal Demons.

    It's a great question and which is interesting to me also. I have low alch using the Explorer ring, but that's just because its free xp with a limit of 30 a day. I utilize the nats I get to superheat ore. I get nats in drops as im fighting different monsters. I'm not one of how to buy gold osrs the players to get runes,its an issue of luck for me. However, I do know there's a list of monsters , as well as drop stats should you want to take on a pile of Nats?