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Elliott finished the day with 22 carries and 122 yards.

  • So , what's going to happen in this week's Madden Madden nfl 22 coins simulation as we pit the Detroit Lions against the flailing Chicago Bears? Who will be the starting quarterback for Chicago?

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    Three Takeaways from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Simulation

    The Dallas Cowboys logged their first win in the Madden season, edging the Carolina Panthers 28-21 behind a well-balanced offensive. Ezekiel Elliott was the leading player on the ground while Dak Prescott was making surgical throws. Dallas won the Madden simulated game that kicked off the season. But what did it reveal about him to us?

    3. Dak Prescott was a surgeon.

    Prescott completed 18 of 20 passes for two touchdowns. He stayed clear from costly mistakes that cost Dallas in two previous simulations. After an eight-yard loss at 1st and 10, that put Dallas in a tight spot close to midfield. Prescott's only two errors came on back-to back throws.

    However, as great as Dak was at running, Ezekiel Elliott set the beginning of the tone.

    2. Ezekiel Elliott was responsible for the incident.

    Dallas"s first drive" was a true grind it down affair that ate up clock and moving the chains in Elliott's direction before getting it to the goal zone for the first score of the game. The team then extended their lead with another one yard score behind Elliott. Carolina might have pressed late to keep things interesting but due to the lead Dallas created thanks to Elliott taking control of the game in the final stretch, the Panther offense was made to play a one-dimensional.

    Elliott finished the day with 22 carries and 122 yards. This is a respectable performance of 5.5 per head. He was hitting the hole like you're using a hammer over and over making it easier for Prescott to play. While the outcome was incredible for both Elliott and cheap Madden 22 coins Prescott Elliott however, it could have been different without Elliott's triumphant day. As the two initial simulations proved,