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The first test will be fletching.

  • A very nasty roomate will be your jail companion. . a lvl 200 troll. Then you must conquer the troll with OSRS gold no armor or weapons, and pick your way from this jail. Once free, you'll have to play with sneaky ninja past the snow imp guards and escape the mountain useing the agility obstacle corse when preventing ice wolves.

    When you reach the bottom of the mountain you will be surounded by wolves in another clip scean where you are eaten when the WOM will teleport in. He'll make quick work of the wolves utilizing a red chinchompa and then teleport both of one to Draynor.

    Your most welcome, least I could do if I realized Spot had just gotten into one of my bottomless chests and was chunking snowballs out of it. The Snow Queen took all my armor, I nearly got crushed by a troll, and consumed by wolves. . .and all this time your furry friend was concealing in...a. . .chest? Yes indeedy. Can I get that book now? Why of corse. . .and here is the armor back. How. . .never mind I do not want to know.

    When you browse the book you understand that you need the blood of a royal fairy for the spell to function. Then you visit Zanaris, inform the Queen, who gladly donates a drop of her blood for the charm, and provides you the resulting magic pill. Dial to Yu'buisk, use the pill on the sarcophogus plus a cutscean showing you being sucked into a alternate universe happens. From the days a A diplomat into Lunar Isle you reconize that the Oneiromancer who once more tests you around 5 distinct things based on abilities you do in Runescape.

    The first test will be fletching. You will end up on a plane full of trees, two chests and a testing agent. Talk to the testing agent who will provide you a riddle that you need to solve to determine which tree to cut and everything to fletch the wood into.

    You will also have to figure out how a lot of the item you need to fill among the torso with. There are tools in 1 chest that you will have to thieve your way to that will alow you to cheap RuneScape gold finish your job (bow series, knife, axe, crossbow string, feathers, and arrow heads) When you put the correct amount of things and the ideal thing in the torso you may go back into the Oneiromancer.