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Patriots of America-#UNITEandDEFEND


    What does it mean to be a Patriot? For our nonprofit, it simply means you are an American who will defend the Constitution, Amendments, and our Freedoms that our forefathers fought for and our military men and women still fight for our liberties to this day.

    Being a Patriot sees no race, religion, or sexuality. But a unified group of Americans who love our country. A Patriot upholds our military, our law enforcement, and our frontline workers against this awful COVID in the most respectful manner possible. Patriots For America are pro-life and honor our veterans.

    Our goal for all Patriots is to assist conservative candidates and get them elected into office. You may ask, how can I help? Being a Patriot for America is one who seeks out candidates who uphold the values listed above. Patriots For America has done events in the past with David J. Harris Jr, with Alexandra Levine with #JEXIT, with other candidates across America. We have done events just to bring a community together to celebrate being an American.

    Will you join the movement? We need all Patriots For America to work together and get the right candidates into office. We also promote term limits for all political parties working in Washington DC.

    Please email if you are ready to make a difference in Washington DC!


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